Monthly Archives: December 2015

Get Inspired – Decorator Series

Sometimes the best ways to feel inspired is to look at the work of great designers and decorators. Something as simple as seeing a glorious room design can spark your own ideas about your own home. The blog, The Blinds Spot, has a growing blog series that features inspiring...

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Blue Home Exteriors You’ll Drool Over

The color blue can provide a feeling of calm, peace, and even productivity. So, it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite color for the exterior of a home. In fact, blue for the outside of your home is actually gaining in popularity. One of the many beautiful things about the...

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Quirky Light Fixtures that Make All the Difference

Sometimes all a space needs to be complete is the right light fixture. Sure, you can go down the traditional road and pick a beautiful chandelier or relatively standard light fixture, but if your home demands personality and quirkiness, why not add a light fixture to match? Take a look...

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