Monthly Archives: January 2016

Adding Pattern to Your Space

Now you’ve added texture, color, and shine to your home. The last thing to add is pattern, which will provide more visual interest, something for the eye to focus on, and something to tie your entire style and interior design together. Just like adding color, you may be the type...

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Adding Shine to Your Space

Now that you’ve added both texture and color to your home’s interior design, it’s time to add the third essential – shine! This might be one of the hardest ones to add. For some, it’s just not natural to reach for something that’s a little flashy, blingy, or shiny. But...

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Adding Color to Your Space

Now that you’ve added texture to your space, it’s time to add some color. This will give every room in your home a well-rounded style, no matter how you classify your style exactly. For some, it’s not difficult at all to use color. And for others, it’s just not natural...

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