4 Facets of Any Stylish Room: Do You Have Them Covered?

Date posted: January 7, 2014

While every room in your house may be vastly different, there are four characteristics that should run throughout. The combination of these four characteristics add visual interest. And when you have visual interest, your home is viewed as stylish, unique, updated, and current. On its own, each facet is great and appealing, but in order to achieve ultimate style points, you have to find the right balance between the four.


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Don’t be afraid of color. You don’t have to paint your entire room fluorescent pink, but if you prefer a more neutral canvas, adding colorful accent pieces is a great way to make your home a bit more dynamic. If you aren’t afraid of color, paint a bold accent wall. From there, you can mix and match colors to create the perfect palette for you and your home.


4 Facets of Any Stylish Room

Who doesn’t love things that shine? Something that shines is great for reflecting the light in a room, making it brighter and more welcoming. Adding something shiny can be as simple as metallic pillows on your bed or a mirror with a shiny frame. Don’t feel limited to traditional concepts of shine. Look for new and unconventional ways to incorporate it into your favorite spaces.



Many things used in homes have texture. If you’ve ever looked closely at a piece of wood, you’ll have noticed the natural texture. There are color shifts and grooves and inconsistencies. But it’s those inconsistencies that make it beautiful, right? Use that as inspiration. Look for spots where you can add interesting texture, like in a couch, on a rug, or even by adding woven window shades like these, which has a natural, unique texture because of the way it’s made.



First, remember that pattern is different than texture. Think of it like this: pattern is something printed on top while texture is a part of the piece itself. Mixing patterns is a modern trend, both in fashion and home décor. Use modern pattern trends as inspiration as you decorate your home.

Giving your home a facelift by integrating color, shine, texture, and pattern will make your home something special, something unique to you and your likes and interests. No longer should you accept the cookie cutter home. It’s time to make your home extraordinary, intriguing, and full of visual interest.

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