Adding Shine to Your Space

Date posted: January 19, 2016

Now that you’ve added both texture and color to your home’s interior design, it’s time to add the third essential – shine!

This might be one of the hardest ones to add. For some, it’s just not natural to reach for something that’s a little flashy, blingy, or shiny. But it’s important to remember that you only have to add a little shine, just a few details that can take your style to the next level.

Consider incorporating some shine in these ways:

Metallic Accessories

metallic 1

Even though these metallic accessories are functional and serve a greater purpose, they also create a unique style in that space. And don’t they look great? They add that visual interest that so many room designs these days are missing. You don’t have to hang metallic pots from the ceiling to create a similar look, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your home and your style will thank you.


metallic 2

Mirrors look shiny because they’re reflective, and they can also be the perfect way to add simple and tasteful shine to your design. See, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to add a little shine into your life.

Accent Furniture

metallic 3

See that shiny side table? It’s not distracting, but it does add to the style of the space. Try to recreate that look by using metallic or shiny accent furniture. And with shine, a little goes a long way.

So tell us; are you comfortable adding shine into your decor? If so, which ways have you already done or plan to do it?

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