Color Therapy – How Your Blinds Can Help Your Mood

Date posted: May 28, 2013

Decorating a room can have an instant impact on how you feel.  Using your blinds to make the most of color therapy can help enhance a room … or your mood.

Using your home to enhance your mood is nothing new.  After all, that’s why we hang our favorite photos and artwork on our walls, decorate with family heirlooms and choose every accent piece with such care.  But one way in which your home can improve your mood is by using color therapy.

The Power of Color, The Power of You

Color therapy has been used for generations and evidence of it exists even in ancient Egypt, where halls and rooms were painted different colors in an attempt to aid healing.  Egyptians modeled these rooms, in part, based on what they observed in the world around them.   Green floors and blue ceilings were meant to replicate the most beautiful aspects of nature which, it was believed, could bolster the spirit and improve the health of those who spent time there.

Color therapy evolved as a treatment throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.  Then, in 1932, two Californian psychologists proved that colors had a direct effect on the viewer.  Their groundbreaking paper was published and the world of color therapy began to build an industry based on science and research.  As a result, the entire industry became more accepted and, as research studies continued, people all over the world began to realize they could use color to improve their lives.

Color wheel for mood enhancement

Knowing Your Colors

Each color family can inspire certain feelings or emotions in people.  Understanding which colors can spark creativity or reignite your romantic life will help you plan each room of your home.

Green – Opens communication and encourages balance with nature.  Encourages feelings of harmony and a desire to open up socially.

Yellow – Increases positivity, optimism and creativity.  This color is linked with personal empowerment, logic skills and, of course, creative ideas.

Orange – Another color that stimulates creativity, optimism and enthusiasm.  Encourages viewers to express themselves and can bolster self confidence.

Red – Although normally used for Stop signs and on warnings, this color actually increases the desire for people to get active.  It can encourage viewers to carry on with a task and has been linked with increased stamina as well as spontaneity.

Purple – Purple has long been associated with royalty and magic, and there’s a reason why. The color purple stimulates not only the imagination, but also the intuition.  It encourages a meditative atmosphere and can spark artistic expression.

Blue – The color blue is not only the most common answer to ‘What’s your favorite color?’, it’s also a color that inspires feeling of peace and tranquility.  Viewing various shades of the color blue has been linked to a decrease in blood pressure and stress levels.

Complementary colors can be used to bring a whole new effect, such as combining the calming environment provided by cool colors with the feelings of balance that come from the green family of colors.

Through the use of color you can spark creativity, sooth your nerves or fire up your personal life.  From wall colors to decorations, color can help to enhance a room and a mood.  One of the best ways to make the most of this new form of self therapy is by using your windows blinds to create colored and diffused light which can bathe any room with enriching, inspiring light.

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