Creating a Guest Bedroom and Office Combo

Date posted: November 10, 2015

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Using the same space for different functions is a common reality. Not everyone has a room for each purpose. It’s all too easy to run out of space that way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t combine spaces and make of them functional and distinct. One of the most common combinations of spaces is the office and guest bedroom blend.

If you don’t have many house guests, using your guest bedroom as your office is a great use of space. But the trick is finding the right balance so one doesn’t overpower the other. Perhaps the hardest part is making the spaces cohesive but still unique. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Use a Daybed

If your office will be used more often than the guest bedroom portion, go with a daybed. This will give you a causal sitting area when you don’t have house guests. But when you do, they have a comfortable place to sleep.

Use an Armoire Cabinet

On the other hand, if you’d like to use your guest room more than your home office, use an armoire cabinet for your computer and office essentials. Then, when you have friends and family staying with you, you can close the cabinet and devote the room solely to your guests. Plus, it will keep everything neat and tidy.

Use the Corners

Put the office side in one corner of the room and put the bed in the other corner. You can separate them easily this way, and it will give you good floor space in between the two spots. This can open up the middle of the room, but if you want a more unified look, you still have other design options.

Use the Same Space

Instead of making your room have two distinct spaces and purposes, consider combining them so they accent each other rather than fighting against each other. It will make your space more cohesive.

You have many options, and it all comes down to the feel you want for the room. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around as many times as it takes. When you find the right positioning and balance, you’ll know it.

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