DIY Renovating Painting

Date posted: March 28, 2013

For this or any other reason you have to do the renovating painting by yourself, there are several important steps you have to follow. Doing so will ensure you are doing your job properly without making a mess of things or painting in a manner that won’t pass the test of time.

People can renovate their homes in many ways. Freshening up the walls may be one of many options, though you can do a whole lot more than that. It is a good choice, for adding color to your home is always good idea. The walls are great part of a house or apartment, so they are visible and it is not good when they look pale or even worse – having holes and other uneven parts.

Surely there are professionals capable of helping you with that, so you will not have  any hard time trying to make your walls look good, but it is much better to take care of your house alone.

It is good to be aware that you can not just start with the paint. There are things that have to be done, which will prepare the wall, because it has to be as smooth as it can for the paint.

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You can fill the gaps in the walls as you use spackle, then after it is dry you have to sand the area till it gets smooth. After you are done with the holes you have to clean the walls. Depending on what the old paint is you can do that with water or as you vacuum clean them. Be sure there is no dust left there, because it will be sealed with the new paint and what it even worse, if it is not clean enough, as you start putting the new color, there will appear dirty marks on the wall. It is good not to skip the primer layer, because it may save you a lot of problems in the future. Last advice – do not use the paint straight from the bucket, pour a little of it in another vessel and add as it is necessary.

You will need the usual tools, which are the spackle, paint brush, putty knife, sandpaper and damp rag.

About the painting techniques – there are several famous techniques, which you can use for your do it yourself renovation. It will be good to start with the corners, trim and the ceiling. Thus you will cut the wall and then you only have to fill the rest of the surface. As you do so, you would better use long strokes with the brush. When you are painting with a roller, you have to try to cover a section, not wider than three foot.

DIY Renovating Painting2

The number of the coats is very important. Your wall may look just fine with one, but two is the absolutely mandatory number for successful painting. With the vivid and dark colors you even have to do it three times. Remember to let the paint get absolutely dry before you start putting the new coat.

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