How to Use Tufted Furniture the Right Way

Date posted: August 11, 2015

When you think of tufted furniture, what pops into your head? Do you think of a funeral home or an elegant, luxurious space? It’s a little scary how close those two spaces can be, decorating-wise. In some space, tufted furniture works beautifully, and in others, it doesn’t. But don’t let that scare you away from it. Follow these simple rules and you can have your tufted pieces without making your house look like a funeral home.

Use it Sparingly

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Want an instant funeral home feel? Then make sure everything is tufted. But if you want to avoid that look, use tufted furniture in moderation. Just a piece or two is all a room needs. If you do have multiple tufted pieces and you have some doubt, don’t be afraid to take one away.

Pair with Other Décor Styles

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You can keep tufted furniture looking fresh by pairing it with modern pieces. But if you don’t care for a modern style, you can choose any other style. Get creative with how you pair your pieces, and you may find the perfect balance between two styles, giving your tufted pieces the perfect spot.

Make a Statement

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Tufted furniture is meant to make a statement, so let it make that statement. Don’t hide it away in the corner. Make it the star of the show. Isn’t that why you bought it in the first place, because you loved the way it looked? So why not give everyone who comes to your home the chance to fall in love with it, too.

Tufted furniture doesn’t have to feel old, out-of-date, or dusty. Paired with the right accents and other pieces, you can create a beautiful space that’s as unique as your furniture, all without feeling like you live in a funeral home.

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