How to Make Fabric Hoops for Your Walls

Date posted: June 23, 2015

I decided to try to make fabric hoops for my own house. I still haven’t been able to fill my blank walls, and I thought this would be the perfect craft, especially to add some color to my too-brown home.

Here’s what I used:

  • Stitching hoops of different sizes
  • My choice of fabrics
  • Washi tape

stitching hoops

Because I have too much brown in my house, I knew I wanted to cover the stitching hoops. At first I was going to paint them, but then I saw some washi tape I hadn’t found a purpose for yet, and I thought it’d be perfect. I just wrapped the tape around the hoop until it was covered. I did have to tape the end down with regular tape. I’ve found that washi tape doesn’t stick very well.

washi tape hoop

And then I got my fabric ready, including ironing, of course.



All I had to do from there was put the fabric in the stitching hoop. Once hanging them on the wall, I realized that I probably need a few more up there, but this is still a great start.


fabric hoops

Have you decorated with fabric hoops?

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