Bed Sheets of a Different Color

Date posted: October 17, 2012

Bed sheets serve purposes beyond simply being the first layer of bedding that you come in contact with while in bed. There are the obvious purposes, such as comfort and warmth. And then there are other purposes, like fashion, that most men probably never think about.

Bed Sheets as a Fashion Statement?

Bed sheets are under cover. How, you might ask, can such a bedding item be considered a fashion statement when they are primarily hidden from view? First of all, depending on the method used for making the bed, the sheets are not completely hidden from view. There is the method that I employed for most of my youth, which is the, not gonna make the bed method. My bed sheets were always visible! But for those properly made beds, which include the little fold over at the top of the sheet, the fashion is in that swatch of color. And the color of the sheets is more impressive l than I ever believed.

The burst of color from the fold over is nice, but that is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I’ve always been a firm believer in beige bed sheets. They go with every possible color, and they seemed to me to be a welcoming color. Let me tell you, changing the color of your bedding is truly impactful.

Luxurious Embroidered Microfiber Sheets BeigeMy wife recently went online, and found this really cool site,, where she bought a set of sheets for under $25, with FREE shipping. She bought light blue sheets, and the first time I pulled back the blanket to climb into bed, and saw those blue bed sheets, I felt a real feeling of the bed inviting me to sort of melt into the bed. It was a very real experience.

We now own at least a half a dozen sets of sheets, and every color or pattern offers a new sensation. I am a believer! Beige sheets are nice, but they are boring. I highly recommend shopping at, and expanding your bed sheet color pallet. It makes a difference!

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