How to Make a Small Master Bedroom Feel Bigger

Date posted: September 1, 2015

My master bedroom is small—really small. And when my husband wanted to upgrade to a king-sized bed, I knew I wouldn’t have much room left to decorate. That’s where my mission began—how to make my small master bedroom appear bigger. Here’s what I’ve found:

1. Use Mirrors


Mirrors can add depth to your bedroom by creating the illusion of more space. Put mirrors behind your bedside lamps to give your room even more depth and light.

2. Add More Light

add more light

After you’ve put mirrors behind bedside lamps, which will reflect light, making your room seem bigger, it’s time to add even more light. Natural light is the best for making a room seem more spacious, but it’s OK to add other types of light, too. But it’s important to be strategic about it. The light you add should be specifically placed for the best benefit.

3. Simplify


Get rid of everything you don’t need. Clutter will only make your bedroom feel smaller. Simplify. It can be as easy as that. Your everyday stuff you can put in drawer or in baskets, and that will help create more visual space in your bedroom.

4. Use Lighter Colors


Opt for lighter wall colors and bedding colors. You can use dark or bright colors, but try to use them sparingly. You don’t want your master bedroom to feel like a small cave. Lighter colors will allow more light to reflect rather than absorbing the light.

5. Elongate the Room with Curtains


If your master bedroom has a low ceiling, elongate the room with curtains. Hang them as high as you can on your wall. You might be surprised at how open and elegant this makes your bedroom.

How do you make your room seem bigger?

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