Unique Master Bedroom – Why it Works

Date posted: May 6, 2016

Interior Design: Bedroom

What stands out to you the most in this master bedroom? What catches your eye first? This room has a modern Asian vibe that still gives a homey, cozy feel. Here’s exactly why this interior design works for this room.

1. The Wallpaper

The wallpaper doesn’t have a bold print, but it doesn’t fade into the background, either. It’s the perfect balance. It draws your eye, but it doesn’t require your eye to stay there. It almost guides your eyes around the room to take it all in, one fantastic item at a time.

2. The Light Fixture

The single dangling light fixture over the bed makes that space a focal point, too. There’s something beautiful about it being above the bed, perfectly overhead. It’s a unique light fixture on its own, but not dramatic enough to steal all the attention, just like the print on the wallpaper.

3. The Low Bed

This really drives the modern Asian design theme home. It’s both slightly traditional and slightly modern. What’s not to love? The headboard is unique, too, but in a subtle, beautiful way.

4. The Accent Furniture

That wicker chair is incredible! It looks so comfortable, and it has an artistic quality to it. The texture of the chair is the perfect addition to that space. Plus, who wouldn’t want to try that chair out?

5. The Large Window

Who doesn’t love a large elegant window? It brings in a ton of natural light that makes the room seem like it’s glowing. Plus, it almost seems like it wouldn’t matter what the view was. No matter what, it would be lovely.

What’s your favorite part about this room design?

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