Adorable Dining Room – Why it Works

Date posted: March 29, 2016


1. Color Palette

The turquoise paired with the coral and tan curtains is a beautiful combination. It’s a modern palette, but it also has a traditional, farmhouse vibe. It’s charming and modern, so what’s not to love?

2. Centered and Streamlined

Notice how everything has its place. Everything is centered. It makes the room feel 100% streamlined and organized, doesn’t it? There’s something beautiful to be found in symmetry.

3. Consistent Style

Even though this room has a slightly updated feel, it still has a consistent style of farmhouse chic. Because the style is consistent, it makes the space feel homey and comfortable because you’ll know exactly what to expect. And there’s comfort in knowing what to expect.

4. The Wall and Ceiling Details

The turquoise on the walls and ceiling are great details that take the farmhouse chic design to the next level. It’s these details that make the room come to life.

What’s your favorite part about this room?

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