DIY Project: Creating a Rustic Table from Scratch

Date posted: January 28, 2014


What could you make out of a tree? For one DIYer, her dream dining room table was hiding right inside this Juniper tree:
lisa tree









Lisa’s design aesthetic had shifted over the years to a more modern style, and she was ready to update her table to match her changing tastes. Her father-in-law helped her chop down the tree and transport it to his lumber mill to cut the thick slabs she needed.

table slabs






With heavy duty clamps and a lot of wood glue, Lisa was able to secure the three slabs together, with metal slats and screws placed underneath for additional reinforcement. From there, she sanded down the rough wood and covered the wood seams with sawdust and wood glue, filling in the cracks and creating a solid-looking wood table top.

lisa table






Lisa took great care in choosing the right legs for the table. “We chose these because we like the polished chrome look – and because they were made of steel. The table top probably weighed 400lbs or so, and these legs could hold 220lbs per leg. If we had chosen aluminum legs or something different, they might have buckled under the weight of that solid table.”











With a simple addition of stainless steel legs, clear modern chairs from IKEA, and a total of 13 hours of work, Lisa created her dream rustic dining room table.

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