4 Under-Appreciated Things about Drapes

Date posted: January 21, 2014

Drapes are one of the most under-appreciated window coverings out there. There is good reason for the popularity of window blinds and shades, but there are just as many great reasons to use drapes in your home. Forget the misguided notion that drapes equal stuffiness. Here are four under-appreciated things about drapes that will change your mind:

Drapes Provide Insulation

Let’s start with the most practical reason for draping your windows. When sturdy drapes are drawn, they provide another layer of protection from the weather, no matter if it’s too cold or too hot outside. They act as a barrier, keeping your heating and cooling costs down and maintaining the comfortable temperature of your home.

Drapes Add Elegance

The right drapery can be reminiscent of a past time filled with style and class, but also adding a modern feel, creating a sophisticated elegance. Want a little balanced drama in your décor? The answer is drapes. You can choose long and flowing drapes for a slightly decadent feel or choose a lighter, brighter fabric for a modern, elegant touch.

Drapes Soften Masculine Architecture

Striking the perfect balance between feminine and masculine architecture and décor can create a visually interesting room. Sometimes a room’s beauty is in its complexities and contrasts. If you have dark, thick framed windows or doors in your home, soften them with feminine drapes.

Drapes Offer More Options

With drapes, you get many more options for fabric, color, texture, and pattern. With so many options, you can customize your room’s look easily, and create vastly different looks for each room in your house. Or, if you want to use the drapes as a running thread through your home, you can choose similar and complementary drapes for each room, without ever having the same drapes in two rooms.

Drapes aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for versatility, style, and added elegance, don’t count them out just yet. Learning to appreciate the value of drapery actually opens up décor possibilities for your home. Drapes don’t have to be dusty and old-fashioned. They can merge traditional and modern styles in a beautifully unique way.

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