Blinds and Shades for Spring

Date posted: April 17, 2013

For many of us, when the seasons change, we start to think about home decor changes. The beginning of spring brings out one of the strongest feelings of wanting to make changes to our homes. It’s quite understandable. Winter carries a somewhat darker perception than any other season, making spring the season with the greatest to pull towards embracing light.

Let the light in”, was the call to action by my wife, as we prepared dinner together a couple of weeks ago. I looked around the house, and sure enough, we could use more natural light in the house. Our window coverings looked okay, but the fact was, they blocked the sun from making it in, and it was just too much of a pain to open them any more than what they were. Plus they were kind of old. They were the same window blinds and shades that were in place when we bought the house four years ago. We made the decision, right then and there, that we were going to change out the shades and blinds that were in the main living area of the house, and if we could afford it, maybe change the bedroom window shades as well.

We did a little research, and actually had one of those in-home window coverings guys come out and quote us, but in the end, we took another option. Can anyone say, “Shop on line”? I can! In fact, I can go a step further and say Select Blinds.  I can’t guarantee the same results for everyone, but we bought shades and blinds for the whole house, for less than we thought we would spend on the main living area alone. The quality of each different type of window blind and window shade is every bit as good, if not better, than the “big name” blinds company pitched to us by the in home window covering guru.

The overall experience was a breeze. We measured our windows as instructed on the Select Blinds web site. We ordered free samples, made our decisions, and ordered on-line. The blinds and shades started arriving in just four days! The last window blind showed up in eight days. We did have one minor glitch. We bought 2” real wood blinds for my home office, and somehow one of the tilt rods had a crack in it. Problem? Not at all! A toll free call to Select blinds was all that it took to get a replacement sent, at no charge to us, that arrived in two days.

We put honeycomb shades in the main living area, and ordered them with this pretty cool feature called top down bottom up, in addition to them being cordless. We can open the window shade from the top, or we can open it from the bottom. I already mentioned that we put 2” wood blinds in my home office, but I should clarify that the room is pretty small, and it only took one window blind. We put Roman shades in the master, and faux wood blinds in the guest rooms.

All in all, it was a great experience. We saved money, got great quality window coverings, had excellent customer service, and I learned how to hang window shades and window blinds. Thank you, SelectBlinds!

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