The Difference Bamboo Shades Can Make

Date posted: July 28, 2016

Bamboo window shades are one of the most popular options among interior designers. It’s true! There’s just something special about these window coverings. Made from natural materials, bamboo shades have a unique style that looks great in every room. Trust me… in EVERY room! Here are just a few examples of my favorites and why they work so well in each space.

1. Unique Details

bamboo 1

This room is all about simple, unique details. Look at the color palette. It’s all very light neutrals. Without those bamboo shades, this space would be too plain and too bland. But the shades add enough unique detail and texture to make this a gorgeous and inviting space.

2. Design Consistency

bamboo 2

In this particular space, the bamboo shades aren’t the stars of the show. Instead, the blue-striped dining chairs and the centerpiece decor steal the attention. The window covering texture complements the texture on the wallpaper. They don’t necessarily blend in and disappear, but they do help support the main focus, and there’s beauty in that.

3. Adds Dimension

bamboo 3

This room already has a lot of fantastic texture. In this instance, the bamboo/woven wood shades almost help soften all the wallpaper. It helps add some more dimension to this space. And they’re paired perfectly the white drapes. They’re a beautiful and subtle touch to a complex room design.

4. Creates Visual Interest

bamboo 4

This simple bathroom design is ethereal. And the woven wood shades add much-needed visual interest. It’s the perfect addition to this space. The color contrast between the counter/cupboards and the window treatments is stunning.

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